Are your New Year resolutions slipping?

Did you start the new year with lots of resolutions?  How many of them are you still sticking to? If you are someone who says, “I want to lose weight, but I can’t do it”, or “I should save more”, or other similar statements, then keep reading.

Do you make resolutions every year and give up on them after a few days? It won’t surprise you to learn that a lot of people fall into this category.  You probably swap stories with your mates about how all your resolutions failed again. In fact, you probably felt under pressure to drop your resolutions so that you were not the odd one out.  It is a sad fact that pessimism and cynicism are fashionable and many people wear lack of success as a badge of honour.

So, the first thing to ask yourself is “do I really want to change?”  If you don’t, stop wasting your time. The change must be something you want rather than something someone else wants you to do. You have to really own your change to succeed.

Secondly, set a precise target.  “I want to be a size 12 by my birthday” or “I want to have £x saved by the end of 2013”. Think about your reason for wanting this.  “I want to be a size 12 so I can buy a gorgeous new dress to wear for my birthday party” or “I want to be able to start 2014 with no debts.”

Then visualise what your life will be like when you achieve your goal.  Imagine wearing the new dress at your party, or starting 2014 with a positive bank balance.

You may have tried all that before, but what may surprise you is knowing that a small change in your attitude and in the language you use can increase your chance of success.

For example, instead of saying “I always fail in my new year resolutions” try saying “It can feel hard to stick to new year resolutions, but I know I can do it”. Or instead of “I will never be able to get in a size 12 again” say “I know I can get down to a size 14, so I will do that in x months and then keep working on size 12. It may feel hard but I know I can do it”.

Can you feel how much more positive the second statements are? How this makes you feel more in control of your destiny? Setting smaller targets along the way also helps you reach your goal and I will talk more about this in future weeks.

In the meantime, start trying this technique with the small things in your life and build up to bigger things.  As you see your own successes, you will start to notice how much negativity there is around you and see how this is dragging you down, and then you can start to eliminate it and improve your life.


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